Tuesday, September 14, 2010

They love to tell you stay between the lines.

No Such Thing by John Mayer

Senior year has officially kicked off and I am ended day two. These past couple days have been super hectic and I have somehow managed to get my room all set up with decorations before the middle of the first week. I think this is a new level of productivity. So you may ask, what has been going. Not much really except for the fact that I had auditions for the Fall production of Tartuffe by Moliere. I was super pumped for my monologue because it was from a character that I love and I got to be sassy. I get there and to my surprise there aren't many people there. I was shocked because the auditions for Robin Hood were huge, but it was Robin Hood after all. Not many people know or care about Moliere even though he is seriously one of the best playwrights for French drama. He is also extremely hilarious. Anyway...

The audition was great and I landed a callback. Again I was super pumped and preparing the whole day for how I could best play these three different roles that I had been called back for. Sadly Tuesdays are my busiest days where I literally don't stop until 5:30. AH. So after running from my Ballet class (which about killed me), I hurriedly got myself ready for the callbacks which were so crucial for my success during this important senior year of mine. When the director called us all in and we were warmed-up he told us that we could watch each other and learn the techniques and mistakes from our fellow classmates. This just made everyone even more excited considering there were only 14 people there in total. In short, I laughed my ass off and ROCKED my audition.

So about an hour ago the cast list was emailed to us, which by the way is a great method. It means that I don't have to leave the comfort and security of my bed. It also saves me the amazing or terrible walk back to my dorm after looking at the list with thousands of people asking you how your did. Do you know how nerve racking that is? Do you know how terrible it is to tell people that you got a small part, but that it's ok because you know you are going to have a purpose anyway? This time though it doesn't matter because I got the role. My first larger role since freshman year, so I am pretty stoked. Not only I am excited to break in the old acting boots, but the cast is amazing. We already have a ton of inside jokes from auditions and we all work really well with each other. Thats what you get with a cast of 11.

Before I go though I would like to say that whoever said that we should be normal and follow the guidelines set for us in life, should be slapped with a herring. Be yourself and whatever you do, do it with all of your heart and who knows, you get the role in life.

Diva Off.

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