Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Senior year in a Nutshell

Song of the Day: Born this Way by Lady Gaga

So...long time no see. Last time you heard from me it was after my first audition for Tartuffe, which was the first day of Senior year. Today is two days AFTER I have GRADUATED from college. It is so crazy! I am just sitting at home in a blazing hot house, because the air conditioning is BROKEN, waiting for something to strike my fancy. It is day one and I think I am already bored. Great. BUT here is what happened to me senior year...CLIFF NOTES version!

Tartuffe: Got the PART! woot. I started off the show and I killed it. Best Cast. Best Director. Period.
Dance Production: AMAZING! Choreographer. El Tango de Roxanne. Prostitution. Really intense dancing/touching/things that make my dad want to SHOOT my dance partner.
Theatre house: BEST PEOPLE EVER!
A Tale of Two Cities: JEEEERRRRYYYYY! Got a featured chorus role opposite one of my favorite men. First collegiate show of the musical. Met the writer! ACTF guy loved my screaming. Check.
Chekhov Technique: LIFE-CHANGING. So much crying. So much growing. Love that class.
Friends in general: I love ALL of them so much and its crazy to think two of them are getting married in August. Make that FOUR of them are getting married in August.

It was an amazing year and that doesn't even sum it up in the slightest. BUT I am excited for my next adventure! In less than a week I will be auditioning to be a dancer at..............DISNEY! Best thing ever! So on June 13 I will be spreading my wings and flying towards my career and hoping that all ends well.

So today I am going to be going to the library and getting some books on tape for my 10 hours drive down to Orlando. There is also a haircut in my future and you know what that means.
HEADSHOTS!!!!!! New ones for my audition on Monday. So many things to do. Oh and did I mention that I have to unpack all of my things my college. My room is so small and I have so much stuff. Plus I have to figure out where to put a 4x4 painting of me and Dana. Good times. Well I'm off for now.
Baby I was born this way...Diva

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