Friday, June 10, 2011

Just keep swimming...

Rolling in the deep by Adele

Yesterday my family and I, plus Trishie my brother's girlfriend, went on a spur of the moment trip down to Chattanooga, TN. The drive wasn't too long, only 2 hours, in which I spent reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. It is supposed to be a very good book and movie so I am excited to get through it. When we got there the sun was shining and it was a very HOT temperature of 94. The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga is pretty big and is a large brick building with glass triangles on the top for the habitats that are on the roof. After getting our tickets we walked over to the Ocean Journey building. In between the two buildings is a little river made by cement in which tons of little kids were splashing around in. I miss those days when I could just run around without any pants on and play in the little stream. Sadly I now must have this thing called decorum. Pity.
As we took the escalator up to the top floor and into where we could pet sting rays. It was cool and I loved watching the little kids go crazy when they got to touch their slick, soft skin. Watching Trisha touch them was funny as well. After we tried to touch all of the fish we went into the Butterfly Garden which made me super excited. I LOVE Butterflies. There were so many of them with so many different colors patterns including one that was mostly black except for two small pink heart shaped patterns on her back. She was definitely my favorite. I also got to hold one which was amazing. Apparently the butterflies loved me because one as landed on my back when I was trying to get a picture of a black and blue butterfly. We spent a long time in there because Shea really wanted to catch one. From there we moved inside to the tanks where they had all the types of animals that live in an ocean and TONS of jellyfish tanks.
Then we walked over to the River Journey building which was what I remembered when I was in the 2nd grade, the last time I went to the aquarium. First, you go to the top of the building and work your way all the way down through the different levels. We saw turtles, otters, snakes, seahorses, trout, catfish, manta-rays, and so much more. After we were done with both aquariums we walked over to the Imax theatre to watch a movie about the Ultimate Wave. It was a movie about surfing and the ocean in Tahiti. Shea loved it and I have to admit it was pretty cool. Our next stop was then the River Gorge Explorer. It was a super fast boat that took us down the Tennessee River to see the wildlife and take a trip on a fast boat down the river. It was fun and crazy. The boat could go up to 50 mph super fast and because of some cool technology it lifted out of the water. The not cool part was that when it stopped, it stopped fast and lowered back into the water super fast. That freaked a lot people out at first but then we all got used to it.
When we made it back to shore, we all went to eat at Cheeburger Cheeburger. By the time we were down eating we were super tired. Shea, Trisha, and I slept the whole way home. When we got home I stayed up and watched some 30 Rock, but at 11 I crashed. It was a great day to bond with my family.
Today I am off to the Opry Land Hotel to take my HEADSHOTS!!! cant wait!
Til tomorrow.

Don't underestimate the things I will do...Diva

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