Friday, July 22, 2011

The French Avant-Garde and Turtle shaped rolls

Song of the Day: Fade Into Me by David Cook

Highlights of the day:
~Meeting Will at the BART station and getting to see his mommy and ADORABLE puppy Bandit!
~Discovering the painting "Music" by Matisse. (There will be a story and a picture later in post.)
~Taco Food truck!
~Turtle-shaped bread
~Ice cream at Ghiradelli Square

Funniest moment you ask.....this picture right here <------------------------------

Let me tell you this story about this picture. My G-ma got us this bus tickets for a sight seeing bus in which you could hop-on-hop-off at different locations in the city and see all the main sites. This sounded like a great idea but ended up being kinda a pain in the butt. So we got on the bus at Union Square and then took it all the way the fisherman's wharf. The wharf was a typical fish place and was SUPER touristy. I mean on a Friday in a beautiful day in the summer there were tons of tourists everywhere but this was by far the worst. So we walked around and decided that we were going to have some bread from this factory called Boudin. That's where I got my turtle shaped bread! It's cute and I will put a picture up later. Then we decided all we cared about was chocolate so we walked towards Ghiradelli Square and found FREE chocolate...yumm and ice cream. By this time we had to walk back down to the wharf and catch the last bus tour back into the city. We got there in time and then had to wait for the bus to come. After three buses came and went that were the same color and company as the one we got off on they finally told us that we could get on one with an open top. As we were sitting in the top of the bright blue bus I looked up at the clear blue sky and noticed that there was the fog rolling into the city. I didnt think anything of it and enjoyed my ride for about 20 minutes. Then came the bus ride from hell, which brings us back to this picture. This is my mom and I on the top of the bus with tiny sweaters freezing our asses off. We got stuck in traffic for an hour and then it took another to get back into the city. Let me tell you I thought I was going to die. But it was pretty comical because my mom looked like a turtle.

OKAY. So now I am going to tell you the story I MADE UP about a painting that I saw in the exhibit at the SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art). The exhibit had paintings from Matisse and Picasso and was pretty cool but so NOT my style. Until I saw this painting I just knew that I had to give all of you what was going on during this painting. First I will give you a picture of the painting. Then as you are reading you can refer back to the painting.  I will be narrating it to you like I am a very snooty museum curator.
  Now this is Matisse's most priceless work "Music". I know what most of you are thinking that it has only one element of music but it doesn't matter. As most of you know an artist can do whatever the hell he wants and everyone will still think that it is the best thing in the whole entire world. However this painting is not about the man with incredibly short arms playing a tiny violin, this is about the two women sharing an intimate moment. Their names are Clarice and Jezebel. They have just found their new love and Matisse was their gay artist friend. He saw them hanging out at the park and told them that he would love to paint them free and friendly. So he told them to wear simple white dresses, let their hair blow in the breeze, and go at it for a solid hour. They had no problem since they were being allowed to express themselves when usually they were bring stiffled by their husbands who are the two naked men in the front of the picture. Matisse is making a statement encouraging women to embrace their natural desires and tear down the men in their lives. I am sure you have all heard of the saying when you are complaining that you could be playing the worlds smallest violin. This means that nobody cares about what you are feeling because you are a huge baby. Matisse is suggesting the first husband of the brunette, Clarice, is whining and Matisse basically told him "Wah"and that he should just be happy for his wife. The other man is just so embarassed that he just wants to disappear. What will his mother think when she finds out that his wife LOVES OTHER WOMEN! EGADS! Matisse was a big fan of women and this painting was basically the reason that women decided to burn their bras and rule the world. Women we owe everything we have to dear Matisse.

So I hoped that you enjoyed my interpretation! Tomorrow will be about hippies and chinese people and my time with dear William Crowley and Bandit!
Til tomorrow! Diva

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