Saturday, July 30, 2011

Warning! Musings of a Top Secret Twlight Fan

Song of the Day: Americano by Lady Gaga

Yes. As you might have guessed this is where I am going to tell you, my ADORING fans, about my trip to the "city" of Forks, WA. This is the sign that you pass when you are within the town limits. Right as you are coming up to this sign there is a visitor's center that has two bright red, old pickup trucks out front. One of them has the license plate of Bella and is the one that Stephenie Meyer based Bella's truck on in the books. The other red truck that looks slightly more new is the ACTUAL car that they used in the movie. It was pretty cool and of course I have pictures next to it. I then took my little journey into the vistor's center and let out an audible chuckle. The walls were covered with Twilight posters and all around the store was pictures, postcards, and t-shirts. We decided to get a map from the lady at the desk who told us that we should sign the guestbook and put a pin the map. Today alone they had 4 pages full of people that had visited and it was only one in the afternoon. The map was packed of pins from all over the United States to the world. It was pretty amazing and we decided to go find a bigger store in the center of Forks.

So we drove into the center of town and there really is one stop light and a hardware store. All of the other stores pretty much have to do with Twilight and it is pretty hilarious. Stores that sold prescription drugs claimed to be Bella's First-Aid station. We decided to go into a store called Dazzled by Twilight. This was the big fan store in the town and it was pretty crazy. There were huge fake trees and twinkling lights on the ceiling and green grass-like carpet on the floor. There were more cardboard cut outs and tons of t-shirts, sweatpants, jewelry, magnets, and tons of other things that just made me laugh when I saw them. After walking around and seeing funny shirts I decided on one that said "Give Blood. Date a Cullen." I thought it was funny and it was unique-ish.

Our next stop on my secret dork tour was La Push and the Quileute Reservation. We drove all the way down La Push Rd. and passed by a house that stated that thats where Jacob Black lived. There was even a motorcycle out in front. Once we were in the Reservation there was a sign that said, "No Vampires allowed past this point". It even had a sign that said treaty line. Once we got to First Beach I started to really get excited. One, it is absolutely beautiful and even though the water was super cold the view was absolutely breathtaking. The other interesting thing that happened was a lady that lived on the reservation came up and talked to us for about 15 minutes. She was an honorary member, which meant that she wasn't native american, but she had lived there since she was little. Let me tell you she was quite the character. She was telling us where to find the best shells, how to skin a 43 lb salmon, where to make cheap money on the res, and she also loved my earrings that I got in India and said that she had a pair just like them that she got in Tibet. Yes, she was a hippie but she was telling us that she loved living there and she had been living in Seattle for 20 years, so she told us that her love for this place was some special. As we were leaving the guy she was with, who was Native American, told me that he loved my earrings and that he could catch fish with them. I REALLY wanted to take pictures of him because he looked like he had one of those faces that had seen many crazy things and that he would have loads of stories to tell. I didn't want to be rude but I kept thinking about what sort of things this man saw. My mom and I were super sad that we couldn't take a picture of him because of their tribal law.

Tonight I am staying in Port Angeles another place that was mentioned in the Twilight books. There arent't as many places here as in Forks but there is another Dazzled by Twilight stores and supposedly the restaurant that Bella and Edward ate at called "Bella Italia". All-in-all it was a fun, dorky trip but my favorite part was when I saw three 40-year old money with matching shirts that said that they want men that can sparkle. It was pretty hilarious and it pretty much made my day.
Tomorrow we are off to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I am excited to see some more flower gardens and just to go to Canada in general. One week until it is wedding central!
Lots of love and vampire blood. Diva.

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