Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Diva's Adventure in BoyLand.

Song of the Day: Firework by Katy Perry

Today's post will be a story that I decided to write for all of your. I hope that you enjoy this very special post that I am doing for all of you.

Once upon a time there was this gorgeous Princess named Amelia. She was super talented in the arts and all the princes in the land wanted a chance to be able to dance next to her at the monthly balls. After one of her parties she decided that she didn't want to be a prince and decided to stroll the local market for a peasant boy. One of her friends told her that she should try meeting someone that she knew. So she decided that even though she had no idea what this peasant boy looked like she would give him a chance. So with the help of all of her friends she decided to go out and find the best dress to wear on her rendezvous with this peasant boy. So the night of, she got all dressed up and her friends told her that she looked absolutely stunning. When the carriage arrived she happily hopped on and drove the the local tavern where she was to meet the boy. The whole way there she was thinking about all of the things that could possibly happen. As she walked into the tavern she looked for the boy and saw him across the room and she gasped at way she saw. He was dressed as a wizard! A princess could never date a wizard, it was forbidden. Sadly he had seen her so she had to try her hardest not to be put under any spell. Thankfully he was the most boring wizard that he had ever met. She tried so hard to do everything that she had been taught in school. How to smile, how to seem interested, and most importantly how to graciously decline meeting with someone.
"I'm sorry, but as I am princess I can't really be with someone like you. Another peasant might like you but me I think I will stick with my balls and my princes, even though they can be crazy." Princess Amelia waved to her servant and she quickly ran to her carriage. As soon as she was inside she let out a huge laugh and was automatically grateful that she didn't fall under the spell of the wizard. When she got back to the palace late that night she called all of her friends into her room. She told them the story about her night and they all laughed and she told them. "I will never be ungrateful for what I have. Ever."
So the princess went to her next party with the brightest dress she had ever worn. They played her favorite song, she danced all night, and she most certainly will live happily ever after.

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